Woven Geotextile (Sediment Barrier)

CGPL offers high quality, polypropylene, woven geotextiles to stabilize areas under pavements, roads, sidewalks and other similar infrastructures. They resist UV exposure, mildew and biological degradation quite well, and provide the field stability to separate, filter, reinforce, protect and drain efficiently.

These geotextiles are produced from individually-woven polypropylene fibers, and provide superior tensile strength with low elongation. They are available in bulk rolls and converted, finished products. Labeled and unlabeled goods are manufactured as per industry standards, or customized as per client specifications.


  • Increases performance & life of roads.
  • Easy installation - reduced time & labor costs.
  • High tensile strength and durability
  • Easy and straightforward to install


  • Available color: Black.
  • Customized widths & lengths manufactured upon client requisition.
  • High Tensile strength.
  • Reinforcement & Separation.

Technical Sheets

Product Range

  • Types : 200lbs / 250lb / 315 lbs
  • Standard widths : 12.5’- 15.0’ – 17.5’
  • Standard roll lengths : 432’- 360’ - 300’ & 258’
  • Colour : Black

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