Woven Capped Needle Punched Fabric (Capillary Mat)

CGPL Capped Fabrics are high quality landscape fabrics of poly-woven, needle-punched construction. They conserve soil moisture, increase plant growth and serve as an effective weed prevention.

They come with color stripes every 12 inches for easy plant alignment, and are available in diverse weights for professional and residential landscape uses. Woven Needle Punched of forbears into a ground cover fabric created an extremely strong, extremely permeable weed control fabric.


  • Optimal water conservation & weed control in professional landscaping, weed prevention.
  • Ideal underlayment for mulch in flower beds & playgrounds.
  • Shelf liner for nursery carts.
  • Easily affordable for professional growers &Horticulturists.


  • Industry’s best 4.2 oz & 5 oz, woven, needle-punched, polypropylene fabric designed for professional & commercial use.
  • Approved by leading landscape architects and numerous government agencies.
  • Tough, highly UV-resistant black fabric with easy air & water permeability.
  • Needle-punching ensures stability on slopes.

Technical Sheets

Product Range

  • GSM: 140/170 ( 4.2oz & 5.0oz )
  • Standard Width : 1m – 3.6m / 3’ – 12’
  • Standard Length : 50m – 100m / 250’ – 2500’
  • Color : Black

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