Wire Backed Silt Fence (Sediment Barrier)

CPGL's Wire-backed Silt Fences are constructed of 14 & 16 gauge wire mesh, and covered with a woven silt fence fabric. The wire mesh provides additional support against substantial loads of silt and water.

Wire Backed Silt Fence is often sued in areas that require extra strength or longer service life. Metal Wire field fence provides support and strength to the silt fence fabric . The heavy duty fence and fabric often meet the requirement of stringent specifications


  • A more robust silt fence - filter fabric is attached to wire mesh for added support.
  • Can hold more silt before it needs to be cleaned
  • High Strength Exterior
  • Easy Installation around job sites


  • Available in various wire sizes & fabric configurations.
  • Woven Geotextile Material
  • Multiple Wire Backing Options
  • UV Stabilized Fabric

Product Range

  • GSM : 70 / 100
  • Standard Width :  24” / 36"
  • Standard Length : 100’
  • Gauge : 14 / 15 / 16 
  • Mesh Opening : 2"x 4" / 4"x 4" 

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