Planter Bag

CPGL manufactures Planter Bags for diverse purposes - tree planting bags, potatoes planter bags, vegetable planter bags, flower planter bags, etc. While the standard product colors are laminated dark green and non-laminated brown, customized colors and sizes are made as per client requirements.

These high-strength, woven polypropylene Planter Bags are designed to withstand harsh climates and display extreme UV inhibition. They are widely recognized as the highest quality woven plant bags available.


  • Sewn-in base enables bags to stand on their own, and allows easy filling.
  • Optimum sizing for transporting pallets.
  • Sling type handles for safe handling.
  • Creates a healthy root system


  • Made of woven fabric with punched drainage holes.
  • UV-stabilized fabric handles & stitching for high durability
  • Ventilated design
  • Easy to move

Product Range

  • GSM : 140gsm/180gsm ( 10L - 160L ) 
  • Color : Black, Green, White and Brown
  • Planter bags sizes starting from 10 litre and above
  • Customisation

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