Landscape Fabric

CGPL Spunbond polypropylene nonwoven fabric is used to suppress weeds in landscaping and garden applications. It works by blocking sunlight from reaching the soil, retarding weed growth uniformly.

The non-woven, polypropylene, chemicals-free, uniformly constructed fabric of the Weed Barrier is specially designed to suppress even tough weeds. It has high water and air permeability which allows the soil to breathe, and absorb moisture and nutrients from fertilizers.


  • Helps suppress weed this reducing maintenance
  • Helping new plants to establish & keeping them healthy.
  • Optimal for soil separation.
  • When used underneath gravel paths, it prevents gravel from spilling on to the soil.


  • Lightweight but very sturdy.
  • Easy installation, maintenance-free performance.
  • Fabric can be hydrophilic-treated.
  • Comes with a 20-year warranty.

Technical Sheets

Product Range

  • GSM : 50/80/90/100gsm (1.50oz - 3.0oz) 
  • Standard Width : 1m – 3.6m / 3’ – 12’
  • Standard Length : 100m / 300’
  • Colour : Black, Grey & White 

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